Developing an app for augmented reality for IOS and Android
Project mission
As a result of some of the nuclear disasters that have happened over the course of history, most people have a negative perception of the nuclear industry as a whole. The press often focuse on the negative side effects of nuclear energy, with multiple documentaries discussing its risks.

However, over the course of its existence, the nuclear industry has made massive steps forward both technologically, as well as in terms of safety. Rosatom has set forth a priority to re-educate people on the safety and benefits of nuclear power stations.
Project challenges
Accurately inform people about nuclear power stations.

Stem people's fears and worries regarding nuclear technoligies.
Explain nuclear power plants to children in a way they can understand (not easy!)
In order to solve the challenge at hand, it was proposed to develop a demonstrative AR marker, which showed all the safety systems of the plant and how it reacted to changes in the internal and external environments.

Characteristics of our solution
Since one of the terms was the developing the solution for presenting on the move, we decided to develop a custom app.

Today the app is available in both the AppStore and GooglePlay, moreover Rosatom showcases its app at various exhibitions and fairs.
We developed an interactive animated 3D model of the atomic plant for demonstrating how a nuclear power plant works.

We were able to detail various modules of the power station blocks, so that an informed engineer or physicist would not spot a flaw in our design.
Buildings models

We understood that Augmented Reality had not yet reached mass market adoption, hence we wrote easy to use instructions for using the app and developed simple interfaces.


We hired a reputed voice over artist to narrate the contents of the app. Today the app is available in Russian and English and will soon be updated to Mandarin, Turkish, Vietnamese and Kazakh.

How it works
1. Download the app
2. Direct the smartphone at the marker
3. Interact from all angles
4. Launch and watch a scene
Augmented reality
To present the app at fairs, we prepared a big marker at which people could point their smartphones
and tablets. All the company needs to do is bring a 40cm x 40cm printable picture marker.
The app in action
In the end we developed an interactive market, which can be shown anywhere, anytime.
Where is the app used?
The app is available on the Rosatom website. People can download the app in the App Store and Google Play.
At the Rosatom stand at exhibitions.
At the permanent Rosatom stand in Minsk, where we have a permanent marker.
Check out the app in action and you will be amazed!


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